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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's a blood sport

It was brilliant to see the Guardian food blog, Word of Mouth, include us as their 'photograph of the week' on Monday. Not only is it a lovely thrill to have our topsy turvy little blog featured on someone else's website, reader responses couldn't have been funnier if we'd crafted them ourselves. One food forensics expert managed to gather the following from a single glance at our photo:

'It's not an English tart, its a French tarte. It's too big and sloppy and it has very little of the gooseberry about it. It's just a flanified tart, with stewed gooseberries on top.'

I'm not sure how Sarah Raven -- the originator of the Gooseberry Tart recipe in question -- would take to that. Another reader implored the Guardian to lift its game rather than publish 'mediocre photographs of people's attempts to cook recipes from the latest Guardian food monthly.'

So good we have decided to add a new column to our blog: In Praise of Lily & Chew. Please feel free to throw any mud pies our way and we'll add them to our honour roll. After all, 'nice' is so 1974. Even we know it's much more fun to anonymously bag the shit out of someone!

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