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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A peculiar panettone

A couple of weeks ago I read an inspiring article in one of the weekend broadsheet magazines about an Italian family dedicated to pumping out panettone. (From memory it was the Saturday Telegraph.) Given panettone is an increasingly favoured festive cake in our house, I salivated as they spoke lovingly of the Casa Corsini mother yeast and the 24 hour hand-to-hand baking process, culminating in a hand tied ribbon around the hand wrapped doughy bundle. Oh the love.

It just so happened this particular panettone is sold in Waitrose so I duly bought one when I saw it in the aisle the other night. It set me back a fiver and tasted alright, though it didn't blow my mind.

So anyway, last night I was reading the Guardian's G2 in bed, paying particular interest to a Cheats' Christmas review of all the supermarket food that may or may not pass for homemade on your table, and they mentioned a Casa Cortini panettone from Waitrose, quietly bagging the crap out of it. A little bit surprised that one broadsheet elevated this particular panettone to the heavens while another dropped it in hades, I went looking for the original article (and the home page for this age old family bread business). Which was when I noticed the spelling discrepancy between the Tele and the G2.

After a fruitless web search I was reminded why I never became a hack in the first place and, frankly, that this story has no point. That said, the panettone IS the cake for christmas this year. I read it in a magazine.

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