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Monday, 23 March 2009

Baby bootcamp at University College Hospital

Vegetable stroganoff and apple and blackcurrant pie

A few days after the birth of the delightful little Miss Jasmine T, we were readmitted back into hospital because she lost 12% of her birth weight as a result of being more interested in sleeping than eating (can you imagine? A child of mine?!)
The poor little possum had to have a feeding tube shoved up her 3-day-old nose, and when I saw the food on offer I wished they would do the same for me.
Luckily, I managed to avoid eating a single morsel thanks to my lovely friends who bought in a delicious array of very edible food. Also a big thanks to my amazing husband for helping me through the sleep deprivation and for bringing me a big fresh fruit salad every morning.

Cauliflower cheese (with parsley garnish)

Vegetable herb soup and Parisienne potatoes with, err, not sure

Broccoli and chipped potatoes and sticky toffee pudding

Tomato omelette and chips

Vegetable chili and date sponge with custard

I'm genuinely shocked that this is the food they serve to sick people in hospitals. How on earth does anyone ever get better eating this stuff??

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