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Saturday, 23 February 2008

When gravity strikes...

While I was going through my old photos the other day I came across this picture, taken the last time Adam was in town.
I'd taken the day off work, and we spent the whole afternoon together drinking wine and constructing an amazing lasagne. Adam made fresh lasagne sheets while I grilled aubergine, and roasted vegetables. Each layer was debated, then lovingly applied. Then it came time to bung it in the oven. I lifted it off the bench, but didn't quite get a good grip on it (it was a lot heavier than I expected) then...

(apologies for the blurry shot, I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep the camera still)
I dropped the entire dish on the floor and in a lame attempt to try and catch it on its way down I slammed it against the kitchen cupboard which then swung the dish upside down causing the contents of the lasagne to spill all over the inside of the hot oven and the floor.

We had to bypass the 5-second rule, because we were paralysed with laughter - but we did finally manage to scoop it back into the dish and bake it. And it was very, very delicious.
The weekend after that I spent a whole Saturday afternoon scrubbing out the oven...and that wasn't as funny.

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