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Sunday, 6 April 2008

holey eggs, batman, it's a snow in!

This time last year we were sunning ourselves in Australia while our London compadres were experiencing the first flushes of warm spring weather. Not so today; as on Easter Sunday, we woke this morning to thick snow on the ground and heavy whirlpools of the stuff flying through the sky. That April warmth last year proved to be the best single two week spell of the year in London so I hope the continually crappy weather this time round bodes well for a hot, hot summer.

Not arsed in such climates to head out to breakfast or go to the market for supplies, I have only the local Tesco Express to supplement a fairly crappy fridge load; hence the egg sandwich in a hole trick to add a little bling to sliced bread (and to watch the flakes dance by).

Making it
Get your sides under way, including whatever sandwich filling you fancy (I cooked off some mixed mushies with red wine, stock, garlic and butter then popped them on some sliced cheese and added chopped spring onions.)

To do the egg thing, toast your bottom slice of bread on one side then lie it in a tight greased oven tray (or tin foil to prevent leakage) with the uncooked side facing up. Pile on your non-egg ingredients then take your top slices of bread and cut a circle in the middle with a pastry cutter or knife. Place them onto your sandwich base and push down gently so the sandwich is quite tight. Brush the top of the sandwich with butter or olive oil. One at a time, carefully crack the eggs into a cup so the yolk doesn't break and then, holding the cup low over the bread circle, gently pour the egg into the hole.

Cook on a fairly high heat in the oven for about 10 minutes, checking regularly to make sure the toast isn't burning. If need be, you can zap it under the grill for a bit at the end.

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