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Sunday, 6 April 2008

There's snow place like home...

Unlike Lily, I was foolhardy enough to venture out to the market for the weekly veg shop this morning. What is it about snow that makes you wanna get in amongst it, only to discover that it is much more fun to watch it through the window of your heated apartment?
Anyway, by the time I arrived home I was wet and freezing, but at least I had some lovely organic free range eggs and delicious fresh bread in my basket.
All I've done here is the usual mushroom, spinach and scrambled eggs combo, except I've cranked up the heat on the whole affair by mixing through a teaspoon of rose harissa to the raw eggs with a fork before throwing them onto the fire. I happen to have some raita (yoghurt mixed with cucumber and tomato) leftover from last night's little curry party that I have dolloped on top to balance out the heat.

I have the Sunday papers and the final season of The Sopranos in my hot little hands. So I'm going stay in for the rest of the day and leave the snowman/woman-making to someone else.

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