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Thursday, 22 May 2008

TV Dinner

Ages ago I had a thing about reviving wartime food, but then I nosed around and it all looked so shit I gave up. Now, the most amazing thing has arrived on the iPlayer - a show about wartime food that is actually brilliant TV.

The Supersizers Go...

Taking the Supersize approach to a week living on wartime rations, the key players are:

1. Sue Perkins - In my mind's eye, every Radio 4 announcer is a greying academic. How amazing - one of the greatest wits of the station is but a bounding, young whippet!

2. Giles Coren - Great food writer, looks pretty damn natty with the Brylcreem and a 3 piece.

3. Allegra McEvedy - A Leon originator and champion of seasonal cooking, her style is cool and she bakes a mean hash fudge. Here, she is commanding.

Dammit, this is the smartest food show I've ever seen. It's a must.

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