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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Füssen: Part one

Last weekend we visited our friends Kim, Leanne and Nicky in the beautiful town of Füssen, Bavaria.
With the snow melting away, (damn global warming!) we were unable to partake in winter activities such as snowboarding or ice skating - but a few breathtaking hikes and a lot of eating made up for it.

A few Füssen foodie notes:

* Whilst making home fries for the gang one morning, I peeled this bulb of garlic, only to discover that there where no separate segments. IT WAS ONE GIANT CLOVE.

* Could this be the most elaborately sliced cucumber I have ever seen?

* Lily often gives me a hard time over my obsession with kitchen gadgets, but I think even she would be impressed with this puppy...

Stay tuned for Füssen: Part two, where Nicky shows me how Kasspatzen is made...

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