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Thursday, 29 March 2007

home sweet homefries

Ahhh. How I love you April and March - a time where there are more bank holidays than you can poke a stick at. What better time to read the paper and chow down on a big breakfast that will fill your heart with the joy of living.
Here's an easy addition to your breakfast spread that I became OBSESSED with when I was in New York. The dudes at B&H dairy (127 2nd Avenue, NYC) do it best. And while you're there, try the excellent home-made soups and challah french toast; or anything else on their menu because it's ALL vegetarian.

Chop up some waxy potatoes (like desiree) and boil until soft - I never peel them. While that's happening chop up some onion.

When you can poke a fork through the potatoes - drain, and run under a cold tap.
Get a frying pan really hot and pour in a few good lugs of olive oil.
Fry the onion for a minute then add the potato. Stir. Let the potato burn a little then stir again. Repeat a few times. The skin will go crispy, the crumbly bits will go crunchy.
Season with salt and pepper. Serve with the usual breakfast suspects - spinach, eggs, avocado, baked beans etc...

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