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Friday, 9 February 2007

Blog of the week: Vegas and Food

"I'm a Japanese girl who loves vegas and food. This blog is all about vegas trip with my husband and all the food and rooms we get for free."

In a just world, Vegas and Food's single word reviews would make or break casino kitchens. Within minutes of a lukewarm verdict on jumbo lump crab cakes ("so so"), the cooks at Ceaser's Palace would hang up their paper aprons, pack away their plastic steak knives and go back to manning chicken shop counters on the strip. The blog's massive catalogue of photos would become essential study material for anyone training in Buffet Presentation. And ten little words would strike fear into the heart of any self-respecting burger flipper: "I would never pay my own money for those shit!"

How could Treasure Island's room service get it so wrong?

(Vegetarians be warned: visit the Mirage Carnegie Deli page at your peril. Their Woody Allen is not only more shameless, tasteless and stomach churning than the original, the pictures of it will make you spew.)

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