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Monday, 12 February 2007

Food ain't free

I had this idea to record everything me and the fella spent on food and booze in a week. I am now realising this endeavour is about as fascinating as gluing sawdust chips together to make a new tree. Scintilating insights include the fact that I have an affection for carrot juice and we make lunch at home like good little school kids. But I said I would so here's how it went down. (Scuffs foot on floor, grumbling. It's a very monday monday.)

Saturday: I would've guessed our weekly market shop cost £40 tops. The total was closer to £60 (fruit, veg, tofu, cheeses, eggs, pasta, quiche, bread, olives etc). The most stupidly expensive thing was 2 smoothies for £7 (we were toisty.)

Sunday: We took a train to Brighton to visit sweet cousin Annie. Our happy afternoon included a massive nut and veggie roast and the discovery of a delicious mixed fruit cider from Poland. £60 in all (£45 on booze.)

Monday: Never. Drink. Mixed. Fruit. Cider. From. Poland. Hurts head. Carrot juice for brekkie (£1.20). After work I craved gooey risotto. Went to Tesco for arborio rice and left with a lot of unnecessary shite after two laps of the supermarket, unable to locate the rice (and it wasn't just me, a frazzled bloke stopped me at one point looking for sugar.) £12.90.

Tuesday: £2.60 on juice and coffee. £4.50 on beers to take to Chew's place. She kindly shouted take-away din dins.

Wednesday: Stop press. Nando's sucks arse. Went for a work lunch and the bastards took nearly an hour to make my stupid bean pita. Despite the vegetarian tokenism, it's not even cheap to eat in their shitty glorified KFC. One of the tough chicks I work with made them give me my money back. Free lunch. Adam spent £10 on groceries.

Thursday: After a LONG day at work, I went to the pub. No food and five hours later, down £50. Not sure of the nutritional value of a raspberry mojito but I felt surprisingly OK Friday.

Friday: Lazy 'make nothing' day. Brekkie cost £4.40 (a lot of juice and water), lunch £4.50 and a rather expensive pizza for dinner set us back £14.

Total: £225 (roughly)
Around £16 each per day

We got off pretty light, actually, with no gigs or dinners out. The market shop is still my hero given it made up most meals both at home and work, and we used pretty much all of it by week's end. If a week this dull still set us back over £100 each then, yes, London is a very expensive place to eat.

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